The Johnny Rad Fest is a four day rock n’ roll marathon of mayhem and debauchery. The Johnny Rad Fest takes it name from the legendary 1980’s film, In Search of Animal Chin. The name is an ode to Johnny Rad and the Air Jordan’s. Their blowout show at the Blue Tile lounge has never been forgotten, and the Rad Fest aims to relive that glorious “thrash bash”!

This will be the third annual Johnny Rad Fest, bringing to the west coast some of the greatest underground punk, and garage bands of our time. The Rad Fest will have shows during the day at San Diego’s original landmark; The Tower Bar. Evening shows will take place at the Kensington Club Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

The last two Rad Fest have had write ups in Thrasher Magazine, San Diego City Beat, Countless Blogs and websites.  We are planning for this year’s to be the biggest and best yet.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. does the rad man make an appearance/play at the festival? what happened to him? I am contemplating comeing from NY. This fest sounds awsome

    • The Rad Man is real hard core he is way underground. I heard he might be in out in the desert between to junk yards skate this ramp made by skate martians. I have seen the rad mans shadow a few times at the show. You never know the Air Jordans may show up and do skateboard shuffle.

      P.S. Watch out for the whole in the ramp!!!

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